Learning resources from INTO UEA


UK membership body for NGOs.

Department for International Development
UK government department.

Development Bookshelf
Online book and journal collection for International Development professionals.

Development Initiatives
An independent organization working for poverty elimination.

Development Studies journals
Via BrowZine

Development studies words
Word list (on this site)

New Zealand-based development network.
Jobs in international development.

Sharing global development research.

Empire Online
Primary source materials for the study of ‘Empire’.

Institute of Development Studies
A global charity for development research.

International Development
UEA’s guide to resources

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Independent British think tank on international development.

School of International Development

United Nations Development Programme.

World Bank Open Data
Global development data

The Companion to Development Studies
by Vandana Desai and Robert B. Potter (eds.). 3rd edn. (2014)

The Development Dictionary
by Wolfgang Sachs (ed.). 2nd edn. (2010)

The Elgar Companion to Development Studies
by David Alexander Clark (ed.) (2006)

Geographies of Development : An Introduction to Development Studies
by Robert B. Potter et al. 3rd edn. (2010)

The Global Casino: An Introduction to Environmental Issues
by Nick Middleton. 6th edn. (2018)

An Introduction to Human Geography
by Peter Daniels et al. (eds.). 5th edn. (2016)

Small Places, Large Issues: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
by Thomas Hylland Eriksen. 4th edn. (2015)