Conjunctions are linking words.

Coordinating conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions include: and, or, but. They join two items which are grammatically similar—single words, phrases or complete clauses.

  • wordTea or wordcoffee?
  • We talked to phrasethe Vice Chancellor of the University and phrasesome lecturers from the School of Economics.
  • clauseI called him but clausehe didn’t answer.

Subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions include: after, although, as, because, before, even though, if, once, since, so long as, though, unless, until, when, whenever, whereas, wherever, while.

They start subordinate clauses. To form a complete sentence, there must be a main clause as well.

  • subordinate clauseAfter I called him, main clausehe sent me an email.
  • subordinate clauseAlthough it was rather expensive, main clausethey decided to stay the night.
  • main clauseYou should visit the zoo subordinate clauseunless you’ve been there before.

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