Business documentaries on Netflix

Dirty Money collage

Among the films and TV programmes on Netflix are some business documentaries. These ones are currently available in the UK:

  1. Dirty Money (series): corporate corruption from Volkwagen to Trump
  2. Explained (series, mostly non-business): episodes on the stock market, cryptocurrency, racial wealth gap
  3. Drugs Inc. (series): supply train of the illicit drugs trade
  4. Betting on Zero: Herbalife, a pyramid scheme
  5. Banking on Bitcoin: all about Bitcoin
  6. Saving Capitalism: former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on capitalism in the United States
  7. The China Hustle: fraud involving China-based companies
  8. Maddman: The Steve Madden Story: rise, fall and return of a shoe business empire
  9. A New Capitalism: alternatives that tackle inequality
  10. Silicon Cowboys: start-up and rise of Compaq Computer
  11. Stink!: exposing toxic secrets of the chemical industry
  12. In Their Shoes: shoemaking trade in Agra, India
  13. Secrets of Selfridges: history of the department store
  14. Print the Legend: growth of the 3D printing industry