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Biological Science journals
Via BrowZine

Biological Sciences
UEA’s guide to resources.

Revision for the Scottish Higher exam from Bitesize

For A-Level Biology and Human Biology students.

Khan Academy
Videos, articles and exercises

Guide to writing lab reports.

National Geographic
Website of National Geographic magazine.

New Scientist
Science magazine.

School of Biological Sciences

Science words
Word list (on this site)

Information on genetics and cell biology.

50 Biology Ideas You Really Need to Know
by J. V. Chamary (2015)

Biodiversity : An Introduction
by Kevin J. Gaston and John I. Spicer. 2nd edn. (2013)

Biology: A Global Approach
by Neil A. Campbell et al. 11th edn. (2017)

A Dictionary of Biology
by Robert Hine (ed.). 8th edn. (2019)

Henderson’s Dictionary of Biology
by Eleanor Lawrence (ed.). 16th edn. (2016)

Human Physiology
by Dee Unglaub Silverthorn. 8th edn. (2018)

Maths from Scratch for Biologists
by Alan J. Cann (2013)

Scientific English : A Guide for Scientists and Other Professionals
by Robert A. Day and Nancy Day. 3rd edn. (2011)

Thinking about Biology
by Stephen Webster (2003)