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Ballet dancers talk about the tutu

Watch the video, answer the questions on a piece of paper, then check your answers.

  1. “On the one hand you’ve got this tight, tight little bodice which
    off the dancer’s torso, then you’ve got this kind of
    of frothy net that
    out from the hips. There’s no other garment like it in
  2. What do tutus stop dancers from doing?
    Getting close to each other
  3. How long would it take to make the Mirliton costume from the Nutcracker?
    Three weeks
  4. How many tutus do they have for the Nutcracker and how many do you need for the Sleeping Beauty?
    87 and 150
  5. “but also the
    problem I find is that you can’t actually see her
    . Because I’m
    down here, I can’t tell where her feet are or where her
    is going to be.”
  6. How do male dancers sometimes get hurt by tutus?
    Scratching their faces
  7. What is special about the tutus in Cinderella?
    They are very big
  8. What happened to the dancer’s tiara in the dress rehearsal of Swan Lake?
    It got caught in the tutu
  9. “it’s becoming a real problem for big
    like the Opera House where finding makers who are
    of sewing a tutu, of cutting the
    exactly right and layering it, I think has
    a bit of a problem for the opera houses of the world.”
  10. What part of the costume do many makers not want to do?
    The base