Announcing a future topic


Lecturers may tell students what topics to expect in coming lectures.

The words used could include:

  • next time/week/lecture
  • on Monday/Tuesday, etc.
  • later
  • future


  • Let me talk about that next time.
  • And next time I’ll turn to other aspects of Elizabeth’s reign.
  • So we’re going to again return to these kinds of issues next week.
  •  So, we’ve got these permutation matrices, and in the next lecture, we’ll use them.
  • All right. OK. So next class we’ll talk about health insurance and we’ll do a final session.
  • Alright, and we’ll come back to it on Monday.
  • But I’ll continue with language on Wednesday and then we’ll also talk about vision, attention, and memory.
  • We’ll talk about what happened to this palace in a later lecture.
  • And we’ll talk about that kind of welfare later in the semester.
  • We’ll go back to all of this in the future, so you don’t have to worry about it today.
  • I’ll explain that in a future lecture.
  • And then I’ll finish up with the session on the immune system.