Amateur boxing in south London


Watch the video, answer the questions on a piece of paper, then check your answers.

  1. Which weight was Clinton McKenzie a champion in? (Clues: light, heavy, middle, welter)
    Light welterweight
  2. Which Olympic Games did he represent England in?
    The 1976 Montreal games
  3. What happened to him in these games?
    He reached the quarter-finals and lost to Sugar Ray Leonard
  4. People who come to the gym have different jobs. Which five occupations does he name?
    Bank managers, lawyers, doctors, road sweepers, dustbin men
  5. What sporting animals does he compare boxers to?
  6. “Boxing gives them a few things. Let’s start off with
    . Obviously, you know,
    who came in have got a lot of aggression and they feel that they want to take this aggression out on
  7. How old is the little boy?
  8. After damaging her legs, what bad things happened to Angel?
    Couldn’t walk, got very fat, on drugs, divorced, attempted suicide
  9. What is Isaac’s dream?
    To go to the Olympic Games
  10. “I started
    when I was eight. I won three world
    at that and then once I’d done that I started to fall out of
    with it and then I looked for something
  11. What is the blond young man’s ambition?
    British level within two years